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Top 5 Reasons Why Social Media Should be Your Customer Service Portal

Here are the top 5 reasons why social media is one of the most expansive marketing spaces that feature businesses of all sorts and sizes. Through social media marketing, smart business owners have been able to build relationships with their existing and potential clients as well as provided a platform for the launch of new products at a lower than the traditional cost. If you want to add a new spark into your marketing campaigns as well as elevate your brand beyond your peers, then social media has a broader potential for you.

The rapid growth in customer service and the development of new communication tools make social media the most popular platform to capitalise on this trend. It makes conversations easier, personal and targeted to the need beforehand. Below is a detailed discussion on how social media channels can help beef up your customer service experience.

 Provides Immediate Communication

Customers and prospects make decisions by the minute on what and when to buy. This means the questions they ask you must get an immediate response failure to which they will head to the next available outlet to have their needs met. The beauty with social media is its immediacy. The moment a person posts on your wall or mentions your brand on a tweet, you will be immediately notified so that you can take action. When dealing with urgent problems, social media is the best way to communicate.

Customises Your Brand Experience

In today’s marketplace where customer needs are becoming complex and dynamic, most businesses find themselves at a crossroads trying to attain the delicate balance between personalised service and their identity as corporations.  Social media can provide a bridge to help you link both divides seamlessly. Your customers will recognise your brand as a person reaching out to them and attending to their needs at an individual level. Humanising your brand through a casual and conversational tone is what makes social media unique.

Transfers Control to Customers

When customers have issues they want dealt with, they require an open and more transparent channel to voice their concerns. Just the mere fact that they have been heard gives them a sense of satisfaction and control. A complaining customer doesn’t want to leave your brand, but rather wants you to improve it so that he can have a more satisfying experience. Through social media, you can achieve transparency in conversations and give your customers the control and dominion they need.

Enhances Your Brand Mentions and Popularity

The brick-and-mortar experience has been limiting to businesses because the circle of influence is not as wide meaning fewer brand mentions. Interacting on the social media space gives businesses opportunities to point conversations, customers and experiences back to their own brand.  This reliable equipment increases their popularity in demand for Colorado loveland services. Whenever a customer mentions your brand online, he is broadcasting his confidence, satisfaction and solidarity to his immediate and extended circles which helps in improving brand visibility.  Even if the mention is negative, it gives you space to rectify the problem and communicate the same to the wider online community.

Helps Eliminate the Funnel

The traditional way of doing business involves taking prospects through a mechanical series involving stages of conversions which ultimately leads to them buying your products. The deeper you go, the narrower the funnel becomes. Unfortunately, the 21st century customer doesn’t enjoy the funnel experience and they want to be responded to immediately through the same medium. Social media is effective in eliminating the impersonal and alienated feeling associated with a sales funnel. It doesn’t ask for your email address or phone number, but rather a simple, open and transparent communication interchange that leads to the same conversion.

For instance, if a prospect reaches out to you through Facebook, they want to be responded through the same platform instead of a procedural welcome message full of instructions and a number to call at the end of it all. Dynamic customer interaction is what social media is all about.

In a nutshell, resolving and responding to customer issues through social media may expose your business to vulnerabilities; however, the risk is worth the rewards. Social media helps you create more personal and substantial relationships with your customers thereby increasing your brand visibility and authority.

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