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Video Production

In Gloucestershire, video production can be quite a costly affair. This has made some people to settle for less quality productions for fear of cost over runs. At Imagine, we have good news for you. Our video production prices are not just fair, but affordable to all our Gloucester clients.

We have gone the extra mile to design a pricing guide for all our productions so that you can align your budget with the various price points. What separates one video production package from the other is not the quality standards, but rather the extra services that we offer.

The Cost of Corporate Videos

In the UK, corporate videos cost anything between £500 and £25,000. For instance, when producing a two to three minute online corporate video, expect to fork out between £1,500 and £5,000. The cost determinants are usually the requirements for animation or motion graphics as well as the number of shooting days. Find out more from our video production price guide below.

Affordable, High Quality Video Production

At Imagine, one of the things we don’t compromise on, is the quality of our video production. Having analysed and well understood the clients we serve and their financial muscle, our productions are tailored for different budgets.

When you come to our Gloucester office, we listen to your requirements and afterwards generate a quote for you. Despite the uniqueness of each project and the need to tailor our film production to suit the requirements of our clients, we never exceed the original quote we give. The only exception is where the client changes the structure of the production forcing us to add extras midstream.

We always endeavour to deliver exceptional and quality productions for our clients. To achieve this, every video package we offer at Imagine comprises the following:

4K resolution video production and quality audio capture
Licensed music
Basic animation and motion graphics
Amendments to the final production until the client is satisfied
We charge £500 for basic film production and thereafter vary the pricing based on the complexity of your project. The main cost drivers include shooting time, custom animations and/or motion graphics, and filming locations.

Are you looking for seasoned video production professionals Gloucester? Give us a ring on 01452 899770 to discuss your project needs. Alternatively, you can fill out our simple quote form and we shall reach out to you as soon as we receive your request.
Here are some of our latest videos.

Make an Impact

Imagine specialises in entertaining, extraordinary, relevant, and informative videos which are tailormade to clearly bring out your business goals. From slick corporate productions to quirky animations, our capacity when it comes to video production is immense.

We have the crew and the kit to do your video right irrespective of the style you choose. Imagine fully understands that you need results and this is why we are always checking out what your competitors are up to, to enable us keep your videos different and fresh.

Our Video Production Process

Because the main goal in video production is to connect with your clients by getting into their minds, we can help you in designing, producing, and publishing videos that your audience can properly identify with.

In our design phase, we prioritise preparation and ensure every detail necessary to get the production right is planned well in advance.

The production phase entails a smooth and hassle-free process which ensures we get everything done on time.

No video production is complete without publishing. Our editors at Imagine will put it all together for you, polish it up, make it ready for your prospects.

At Imagine, we don’t just make videos, we create an experience that brings out the best in your product.