Pay Per Click

Are you at the point where you want to reach a much bigger audience than the search engines can naturally reach? Well, Imagine is the company to get you to that level. As an advertising and SEO marketing agency, we have the tips and methodologies to enable you access traffic from hundreds of thousands of unique sources which the big search engines typically ignore.

We ensure your
Outstanding Online Presence

We have a traffic scoring system that validates traffic from different sources before handing over the stream of traffic to you. The reason why we advocate for Pay Per Click advertising is that it is the perfect complement for your brand if you are interested in getting more traffic at a competitive cost.

Our Pay Per Click service is geared towards enhancing your brand’s popularity and safety by ensuring the traffic we target is credible. We have lots of feedback from previous customers who have benefited immensely from our Pay Per Click services and especially on the transparency of our processes.

From our position, we can tell bad traffic from good ones and this is because we monitor what happens throughout the lifecycle of a click. We are conscious of your budget as much as you are and we always endeavor to give you benefit for your money.

Among the features of our Pay Per Click include:

  • Time targeting – We help you target your traffic when your prospects are most ready to buy. This ensures higher chances of getting qualified leads and closing a sale.
  • Geotargeting – We only show ads in places where your potential clients are. We go down all the way to the zip code for clarity and precision.
  • User agent targeting – We don’t just target anyone, rather we go for specifics in terms of mobile or desktop users.
  • Campaign pacing – Through our customised Pay Per Click service, we enable you to make the most out of your budget by evenly spreading it through the day.

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