Understanding the Impact of Google’s Perspective API on Search Marketing

Perspective, the new API released by Google in February 2017 has already sent some shock waves around the web. The API captures any phrase and tells you its toxicity levels. When you type a phrase into the tool, it quickly analyses the speech and determines how toxic it is. If the phrase is complex, it is automatically reduced to a perceived toxicity likelihood of 61%. Looking at the whole conversion process, you will appreciate how mammoth a task it is.

The foundation upon which Perspective is built is Google’s artificial intelligence framework. This means the system will continue learning and growing over time.

The Usefulness of Perspective

If you run a massive blog with loads of comments, this system could come in handy. Any comments to your blog articles that Perspective API deems toxic, will be flagged by your content management system. Essentially, the API will help you in sorting out the comments and simplifying your workflow while keeping it as human as possible.

Many companies on the web receive many reviews and oftentimes most of these reviews are unread. It is expected that you go through your reviews so that you can demonstrate value even beyond the purchase point. In this regard, the API can help you in prioritising. It will sort out the toxic posts and leave you with the good ones which you can respond to.

Perspective API and Search Marketing

A very important application of this system is in AdWords. When coming up with these AdWords, you need to ensure that the correct number of characters are captured and in addition, the toxicity of the AdWords is nil. With this, it becomes easier to boost your conversion.

If Perspective is integrated into Google’s search algorithm or YouTube, it could give the advertiser an opportunity to decide on a maximum allowable toxicity for the ads shown alongside. As we all may know, YouTube autogenerates its sub-titles by deciphering the speech in the videos that play. If you couple this technology with the ability to attach a toxicity values, YouTube videos perceived to be toxic can be punished through negative ranking.

In the other case, including Perspective API into Google’s search algorithm, may lead to the development of a ranking factor based on perceived toxicity for certain phrases. By extension, this will lead to a self-censored web which in turn may lead to a better internet environment for all of us.

SEO specialists are starting to tone down text by running it through the Perspective API system so as to minimise on its toxicity level.

Excelling in Search Marketing

Even with the Perspective API in place, unless you make deliberate efforts to improve your search marketing, you may not reap much from your investment. There are certain steps you must take and approaches you must devise to get the best from search engine marketing. Below is a summary of each of the components.

Keyword Research – Conducting a comprehensive keyword research is an important strategy which will help you in identifying keywords relevant to your business and prospective customers. In the same vein, you will also be able to identify negative keywords to exclude from your campaigns.

Keyword Grouping and Account Structure – This is another strategy that will help you to attain higher click through rates, generate stronger overall performance, and lower your cost per click. An optimally structured account comprises ad campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ad text, and landing pages. The ad campaigns basically focus on the services or products you provide. The ad groups further sub-categorise each ad campaign for relevance.  For instance, if your ad campaign focuses on leaf blowers, your ad group can focus on the different types or models of leaf blowers.

In order to score high on the ad rank formula used by Google known as the AdWords Quality Score, you must bring in all the elements of a quality ad. With high quality scores, you can achieve a much better ad position at extremely lower costs. This is because Google naturally favors ads that are relevant to user queries.


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