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The Best WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing In 2015

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WordPress is undoubtedly one of the leading content management systems upon which lots of sites online are based. Because of this huge user base, independent developers have found the CMS attractive as a launch pad for their plugins and other software. With over 35,000 plugins available for WordPress users; some paid and others free, it is upon the blog or website owner to know the plugins that will benefit his site depending on his intention.  Having a plugin on your website for social sharing can help you generate quality traffic from social networking sites. This article helps you separate the best from the rest by discussing the best WordPress plugins for social sharing in 2015.


This is a plugin available for free and is loaded with lots of unique features that are critical for the success of every website that values social media traffic. It is easy to install and customise. As the website owner or administrator, you have the option of choosing between floating and non-floating social media icons. In addition, Shareaholic gives you a free analytic report which helps you to monitor traffic.

Digg Digg

This is one of the famous WordPress plugins 2015 for bloggers created by Andrew and Joel. It gives you a lot of features such as floating non-flashing buttons, social sharing and the flexibility to use lots of social media platforms. Compared to the other plugins, Digg Digg exposes your content to lots of eyeballs which can help you in consolidating your followership. It is easy to use hence its popularity.


This is a social media WordPress plugin that has been used by bloggers and website owners to social share their content. It is not new, however it has continuously been topping the charts because of its usefulness. Currently in version 1.2.7, Flare is an eye-catching plugin that enables your content to be shared through pages, posts and media types. You can easily add a Follow Me widget, order your icons as well as customise their appearance. You can also control the type of posts on which Flare appears. The positioning of this Plugin on the site is totally in the hands of the website owner, you can put it at the top, bottom, right or left sides of your posts.


ShareThis is one of the prominent WordPress plugins 2015 with content management systems such as WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla among others. Using this plugin, you can increase your social activity by choosing from over 120 social channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. You have the flexibility to choose between large and small buttons, use a sharing bar as well as add counters. ShareThis has an exceptional social analytics dashboard for added insights.


This is a three-in-one plugin designed by Hello Bar and Slide Deck. It includes passport for enhanced social followership, Flare for social sharing and Ivy for sharing text. In addition, you will get analytic reports concerning the performance of your blog. Filament is relatively easier to connect to your website. It is quick and does not require any coding. Adding apps is a simple drag-and-drop process. With Filament, you can manage all your favorite apps from a single location.

Smart Website Tools by Add This

With a download count of about 2 million, this WordPress plugin gives you more than social sharing. It provides you with a comprehensive analytic report and discovers related content functionality. Initially, it was referred to as the Sharing Tool before changing its name to Smart Website Tools by AddThis. With a host of tools such as social tools, recommended content tools, conversion tools and analytic tools, this is a must-have plugin for website owners. It is available as a free version but you can also get a Pro version for exclusive benefits.

Floating Social Media Icon

This social media WordPress plugin is a favorite tool for bloggers in 2015 because it offers both floating and non-floating social buttons making it convenient for site visitors to share your content. It links the social media icons to your social profiles on Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feed, and Google+ among others. This plugin allows you to choose among 20+ social icon styles, set icon order and size, enjoy a wide array of widget and Shortcode support, enable or disable floating icons at will and lots of other easy-to-undertake configurations. With icons in between content on pages and posts, you can increase the visibility of your content.

In addition to the above plugins, others in the best WordPress plugins for social sharing in 2015 category include Floating Social Bar, Slick Social Sharing Buttons and Share Buttons by AddToAny.

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