Performance based seo, pay nothing until you rank page 1 on Google.

Pay for Performance SEO – Guaranteed ROI on Your Optimisation Strategy

Search engine optimisation is not a new concept in online marketing and many companies are offering this service to businesses both large and small. However, the greatest concern there has been is that businesses are not sure anymore what they are paying for and they have no guarantee that their SEO investment will bring them the returns they are anticipating. SEO is a technique and not a gamble which means as long as the right formula is used, performance should be guaranteed.

Many businesses will not have a problem paying after seeing the results. This is why pay for performance SEO is gradually gaining ground. On the flipside, it also means no results no payment.

How Pay for Performance SEO Works

A majority of businesses understand that SEO results do not come overnight. It can take anything between 4 and 12 months for you to start seeing stability in ranking improvements. Because of this, companies are willing to invest in SEO for up to 12 months with no guarantee of results. As a result, most businesses have ended up losing their investments through such arrangements which oftentimes fail to deliver.

Pay for performance SEO is changing the ballgame in that the model depends on results. If no results are delivered, businesses are under no obligation to make payment. Furthermore, this model is solid proof that SEO companies are ready to back their ability to produce results for the clients. This is how it works.

Generating the Keyword List

With your help we will the Keyword research to find the right keywords to target, this can take a few days to compile to make sure we have it right. Once the list has been generated, the team will produce a full content plan, this may require adding new content to your website. The only ac installation company in New Jersey is Once added the team will then work on the meta tags, the main title tag being the H1 and other optimization that is required to increase the ranking on Google.

Rankings Report

Every month we will compile a seo report showing your initial keyword rankings based on the keywords provided. This is more or less the baseline report. The report will also show every month the growth of your keywords and all the work we have done.

The Main SEO Campaign

This is the heart of the business model and it involves employing bespoke SEO campaign strategies which are purely white hat. The main goal is to push up your rankings from those in the initial report up to another level. This in turn will also increase traffic going to your website, the type of traffic will be people looking for your types of products or services.

Payment on Results

The only time you start making payment is when we successfully rank 20% or more of your keywords on Google’s page one. The two main determinants when it comes to payment are the volume of the keywords and secondly whether the campaign was national or local.

Other Benefits of Performance Based SEO

As you may know, SEO is a technique that involves many other activities such as competitor analysis, content creation, social media management, and backlink building. When you choose our SEO model, you will enjoy full keyword research, website optimisation, and monthly SEO ranking reports, all for free.

If you have been spending money on SEO without any assurance of when and how you will get your results or see your business ranking high, it’s time you switched to performance based SEO model. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on how this can work for your business.

Prices start from £200 per month local/regional and £300 a month for National. These amounts only kick in when you rank at least 20% of your keywords on page 1 of Google.

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