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New Google Algorithm Update Targeting Non Responsive Sites

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The new Google algorithm update targeting non responsive sites is on its way and website owners are busy updating their sites in readiness for the ranking signal. According to the search giant, the change in algorithm will have a worldwide “significant” impact on all mobile searches irrespective of the language. This change had been anticipated from the moment Google started putting in place changes that pointed towards mobile friendliness.

A few months ago, Google introduced a set of mobile friendly criteria together with a mobile responsive site testing tool to help you determine whether your site meets the responsive threshold. Our web design professionals have been following this closely.

What Does Mobile Optimisation Mean

If you have ever accessed a website through your mobile device, you must have noticed a difference in the layout from the text to the arrangement of the icons and menus. However, not every site responds to the size and resolution of the screen from which it is being viewed hence making it important to tackle the question – what does mobile optimisation mean?

Mobile optimisation is simply the ability of a website to reformat itself depending on the type of screen or device from which it is accessed. There are quite a number of handheld devices with different screen sizes including Smartphones, tablets, iPads and tablets. For the users to enjoy when surfing through these devices, your site must recognise the type of screen and adjust accordingly. This will allow you to engage your mobile audience as they make key buying decisions.

As many customers turn to mobile in search of offers, for shopping, and even for educative content, having a website that is easy to navigate even for small screens can enhance their decision making process. You need to constantly ask yourself – what does mobile optimisation mean for my business and my customers. In this way, you will constantly think about and implement mobile optimisation strategies.

Are You Ready?

This is the big question that we ask site owners – are you ready for the shift to mobile optimisation? For your site to appear in Google’s mobile search results as from April 21st onwards, it has to be mobile friendly. The good news is that you can be on the safe side by testing your site today using the mobile-friendly testing tool from Google. This tool gives you an honest feedback about the mobile friendliness status of your site the moment you submit your URL.

In the event your website does not pass the mobile friendly test, you should begin putting in place mechanisms and processes to ensure that it attains mobile responsiveness before the new algorithm update targeting non responsive sites is rolled out.

Among the adjustments that you need to make include:

Text legibility on mobile screens – The font of your website content should be big enough to be read comfortably on mobile gadgets. Readers find content zooming annoying and this makes them leave a site before interacting with what it has to offer.

Spacing out of links – Because of the reduced sizes of mobile screens compared to desktops and laptop screens, links should be evenly spaced out. This will save users the trouble when isolating and picking links.

Content visibility vis-à-vis mobile screen width – The display of content must be contained within the breadth of the screen. Having content within the confines of the screen will prevent continuous scrolling either to the left or to the right which can be time consuming.

In view of these adjustments, are you ready to take the leap to mobile friendliness?

We Can Turn You Mobile

As calls for mobile responsiveness come in from Google as well as site users, you have but one option; making your website accessible, navigable, and optimised for mobile. Irrespective of the content management system that you are using, we can turn you mobile!

Our professionals are well versed in programming using various languages and styles including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are several ways we can turn you mobile and the topmost is through coding. While changing sections of code on your existing site, our designers will work closely with you so as to factor in your preferences.

Some site owners want a completely brand new website and in this case our professional developers will pull down your existing site and build a new mobile-friendly site from scratch. There is also the option of installing plugins that will convert your site into a mobile-friendly version. We work with top plugin developers who will customise plugins just for your site or we can even get some off the shelf. This will ensure you are ready for the new algorithm update targeting non responsive sites.

You can contact here on this site or our web design team at okdokey for a free no obligation quote.

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