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How the treatment of addiction with hyperbaric oxygen can aid in recovery

Look into the ways that oxygen’s healing properties might benefit recovering addicts physically and emotionally. Nearly 21 million Americans are thought to be struggling with at least one addiction, yet only 10 percent of them are receiving treatment. With so many individuals in need, it’s crucial to fully comprehend the complicated disease of addiction and look into the available treatment alternatives in order to know how to assist those you care about who are in need or yourself.

About addiction?

Addiction is the most severe type of substance use disorder (SUD). It is a chronic, recurrent brain illness that makes individuals use drugs or participate in activities out of compulsive need for the rewarding benefits despite harmful outcomes. Wine, heroin, cocaine, nicotine, and other drugs may all cause addiction in people as well as habits like gambling. Addicts cannot simply stop using a substance or behaving in a certain way because they become physically and mentally reliant on it, even if they are aware of the issue and wish to stop. It becomes very challenging to stop both physically and emotionally due to the disease’s alteration of brain function.

What signs or symptoms indicate addiction?

Similar to any other sickness, addiction may be medically diagnosed if certain signs are present. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) published by the American Psychiatric Association, the existence and severity of addiction are most frequently determined by the symptoms listed below:

  • inability to manage one’s drug usage
  • Inability to restrict consumption despite desire to do so
  • Significant time spent obtaining the material
  • strong desires to utilize the drug
  • Absence of accountability in job, school, or home
  • difficulties in relationships
  • losing interest in routine tasks in favor of using drugs or alcohol
  • continued drug abuse in the face of risk
  • physical or psychological issues getting worse
  • increased sensitivity to the drug
  • Withdrawal on a physical and emotional level when the drug is missing


How can hyperbaric oxygen treatment assist addicts in getting well?


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) can be incorporated into the treatment plan for persons suffering addiction because it is a noninvasive procedure with few adverse effects. HBOT can hasten the healing process by increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches parts of the brain that were harmed by substance addiction by exposing the body to an environment that is 100% oxygen. Patients frequently report having greater memory and more energy because the additional oxygen enables the injured brain cells to detoxify correctly and repair more rapidly. HBOT aids in the following other ways in addition to speeding up the detoxification process and general healing:

  1. Reduce any hives and irritation
  2. Heal the injured pancreas or liver.
  3. Enhance blood flow and repair damaged tissues
  4. Reduce sleep problems
  5. Elevate enzyme systems to normal
  6. lower cravings
  7. Encourage appetite if it is lacking.

The effectiveness of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in the treatment of addiction has been the subject of several research, with encouraging findings only published earlier this year. According to one analysis, HBOT helped the treatment of pain and withdrawal symptoms in patients being treated for opioid addiction by enabling them to decrease their methadone intake. Another research discovered that individuals who had had hyperbaric oxygen treatment as part of a deliberate methadone taper were able to sustain a considerably bigger dosage decrease of 4.3 mg three months following the trial, as opposed to 0.25 mg in those who did not.

Ready to receive the support you deserve?

At simply oxygen, our empathetic staff members at our facilities in the UK are prepared to help you as you select the best addiction treatment facility for you as you go through your healing journey. Patients typically utilize HBOT to counteract the unpleasant withdrawal side effects while they are in the early stages of their recovery. During their treatment regimens, these individuals are driven to our facility under the supervision of medical specialists while undergoing inpatient rehab. In order to help the brain, mend the regions harmed by the abuse, we have worked with several rehab facilities that include HBOT in both the early and later stages of rehabilitation. Our hyperbaric chambers offer you a clean, cozy, and safe therapeutic atmosphere for your hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions, along with the ability to stream entertainment. Any queries you may have before to your treatments can be answered by our staff of hyperbaric professionals! Today, please get in touch with us.

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