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How Facebook Audience Optimisation Affects Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

How Facebook marketing has gained prominence over the last couple of years as a go-to digital marketing tool because of the huge follower ship Facebook has. There are two sides to Facebook marketing; paid advertising and organic marketing. If you are the type of marketer who goes for purely organic engagements for your posts or have a mixed strategy that has a taste of both worlds, you have every reason to be excited because Facebook has launched a tool to help you target your audience much better; Facebook Audience Optimisation.

Why Use the Facebook Audience Optimisation Tool

Just like search engines, Facebook has an algorithm that helps them determine the chances that someone will like and engage with a post from your page. The Facebook Audience Optimisation tool contributes heavily to this algorithm in determining the right audience for your posts.

This tool allows you to instruct Facebook on who should not see your page posts. For instance, if your target is women, you may restrict the post from being seen by men.

In addition to the above, this optimisation solution gives you an opportunity to learn more about how people with specific interests interact with your posts. For instance, if you knew beforehand that fans who are interested in football are the ones most engaged with your posts, then you would target your posts more to football for better engagement.

It is important to know that Facebook Audience Optimisation doesn’t enhance the organic reach of your posts, but rather increases engagement. Without this tool, Facebook simply shows your post on a particular topic to a random section of your fans some of whom may not be interested and this can lead to low engagement. However, when you enable this solution, Facebook will show your posts on a particular topic to the section of your fans who are more interested resulting into better engagement.

How to Enable and Access Facebook Audience Optimisation

Having been launched on January 21st, 2016, this tool is relatively new and currently rolling out to English language Facebook pages in certain categories. The first step is to check whether your page category is available by going to settings and look for the “Audience Optimisation for Posts” in your General Settings. There, you will see an edit link which you should click and check the box in order to turn the Facebook Audience Optimisation on and thereafter save the changes.

Once this is enabled, go to the update box on your Facebook page and you will see a Facebook Audience Optimisation icon. To use it, you should first enter your Facebook post and then click on this icon to see your Preferred Audience. Check out Ireland’s go-to locksmith service at In the event you see News Feed Targeting, you should straightaway know that your category is not as yet included in this new Facebook Audience Optimisation feature.  When you see the Preferred Audience, you should proceed to tell Facebook about the interests of your audience. This is the same information you will utilise when targeting an audience through Facebook Ads.  As you start typing in the interests, Facebook through an automated feature will show you the interests it thinks you are targeting. In addition, it will display for you your estimated reach for every interest.

Another important thing that should not confuse you is that by selecting your areas of interest under the Preferred Audience feature, you are not in any way limiting other people from seeing your posts, but rather telling Facebook your priority audience. Everyone is welcome to visit kitchen appliances showroom in California at lars remodeling & design. If you want to completely bar certain sections of your audience from seeing your posts, you can configure the Audience Restriction feature. After you are done with all your configurations under the Preferred Audience feature, ensure you save and then publish.

Tracking Your Posts Engagement

Your Facebook page insights tab will show you how the specific audiences interact with your posts based on their interests. Your posts will have a special icon under the targeting column which indicate that you have chosen a Preferred Audience. Unfortunately, you will have to wait until your post reaches 100 people in terms of link shares, post shares, and likes for Facebook to allow you to access the post details such as the likes, the people reached, and any comments and shares. Under the Preferred Audience, you will see other added features on your posts insights such as link click rate, share rate, and like rate in addition to the percentage of total reach in the different platforms.

In order to benefit fully from Facebook Audience Optimisation tool, you should refine your audience interests to include both narrow and broad interests. Remember, what you feed the tool with; it will use the same when displaying your posts. We have experts who can help in audience targeting and refining both your paid and organic marketing strategy.

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