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At IMagine, we are dedicated to creating compelling video content for commercial, corporate, and entertainment endeavours. Our video production services are comprehensive and include concept development, production, as well as post-production. In case you need an all-in-one script to screen solution, we can write, produce, and edit a befitting finished product for your video objectives.

We have invested in state-of-the-art facilities to help us shoot on any location including our very own studios right here in Gloucester. We offer high quality results customised to meeting and achieving your specific goals.

Video Production Services

We work across numerous categories and channels to create dynamic motion pictures that propel your brand in your respective niche. Our team of writers, producers, and cinematographers handle projects of every scale and genre from multi crew commercial shoots to single camera studio interviews. Irrespective of the scope or your budget, we shall treat your project in the same way as the hundreds of others we do.

Among our video production services include:

  • Concept Development – We translate your vision and interpret your narrative into a fully executable plan. Our services fuse the generation of ideas with the end goal of building a foundation for your project. Our team of proficient producers, designers, directors, and writers will guide you to a successful video production.
  • Script Writing – IMagine is a story driven video production and online marketing company. Our expansive roaster of writers who have a proven track record in creative advertising and video games will ensure your script is different from competition. We can polish your existing script or do a complete original script depending on what your directions are.
  • Production – We have sophisticated production tools and a team that is well able to handle the different demands video production places on their hands. We have expertise in lots of production avenues and whatever your video production style or need, we have you covered.

Post-Production Services

Production does not end when we put down our cameras after the shoot. As a matter of fact, that is when the real work begins. We put together the different produced parts to give you a complete project which according to our experience is more glorious.

We expend our energies and creative efforts to combine and juxtapose all the constituent parts in the right way to give you a sensational video. In post-production, we do the following:

  • Video Editing – This is one of our most treasured niche. We have invested in high tech equipment and cutting-edge software to give you the best the editing world has in store. Our artists and master craftsmen are handpicked from across the media spectrum. Thanks to this creative diversity, we virtually have a lead editor in each of the genres.
  • Motion Graphics – Video production is never complete, without motion graphics. At IMagine, we believe that high quality motion graphics serve to add a certain level of production value which takes a video from an ordinary piece to an extraordinary work of art. Even as we lose ourselves in the wild world of motion graphics, we do not forget to emphasize the underlying message and theme.
  • 3D Animation – Alternatively referred to as computer animation, 3D animation helps to give an illusion of movement through 3D data generated sequence of still images. We can produce content without the need for expensive set pieces, actors, or props. Our full range of 3D animation services include real time rendering, modelling, texturing, character animation, and many others.

Extreme Robots Promo Video

The Types of Videos We Do

You may be wondering with all the skills we have, what kind of videos we produce in our studios. Well, as pointed out above, our video production horizon is expansive and includes among others:

  • Custom Marketing Video Productions – These are direct representations of the personality of your brand. They can play a key role in helping you establish credibility and trust with your clients.
  • Commercials – Working closely with our clients, we produce effective and beautiful commercial productions mainly for web distribution.
  • Training Videos – Our video production skills extend into the production of training, educational, and instructional videos. We engage your audience and bring value to your business.

At IMagine, we shall make your image, vision, or story better than you ever imagined it could be. Contact us today for an opportunity to transform your brand through video production.

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